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Discover beautiful stores in Augsburg Shop now

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Since 2007 you can find a very special shop in Inningen, a district south of Augsburg. 
In the lovingly designed shop and in the stylish garden of the house you will find selected home and garden accessories as well as self-designed handmade jewellery made of precious stones, pearls and silver. We offer a wide range of Danish manufacturers such as Greengate, Ib Laursen, Miss Etoile. But also labels like Clayre & Eef, Lafinesse and Tafelgut belong to our assortment. With us, you will surely find what you are looking for! We are looking forward to your visit!
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Ambiente lifestyle & deko
Casa Cathrina

A little treasure chest filled with things that make life more beautiful ..... Gifts for your loved ones, jewelry, home accessories, seasonal deco, Italian fancy clothes, handbags & shoes to match, fashion from local designers and sooooo much more. Well worth a visit .......

P.S. Tip from us: Instead of giving flowers - our rose prosecco is the hit! Smells like rose, tastes like rose and is guaranteed not to wither! ;-)

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Ideenreich Augsburg
Visit me in my small jewellery shop in the beautiful theatre district of Augsburg and be enchanted by unique, individual and trendy pieces of jewellery! With me you find creations of the following jewellery labels like LaHola, Konplott, Luise Kragh, DollupSisters, Leaf, Qudo and many more.
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LESVAR Accessoires
Life-Tree, the fair label with motifs from artists

Life-Tree is an ecologically oriented design label from Augsburg. Life-Tree finishes textiles made of high-quality and innovative fabrics with the motifs of the artist and co-entrepreneur Martin Benedek. The assortment includes shirts, tops, sweaters, caps as well as backpacks and bags.
The main focus is on the textiles used and their quality. Life-Tree works exclusively with fair and ecologically producing manufacturers who are aware of the social responsibility in the producing countries. Our manufacturers are also committed to high ecological standards in the production process. The refinement takes place at Life-Tree itself and at regional partners. Besides combed organic cotton, shirts made of the modern fibres Modal and Tencel, as well as bamboo viscose are very popular with our customers. These fibres, which are based on the raw material wood, not only offer the highest wearing comfort due to their soft feel, but are also a perfect companion in all situations of life due to their high breathability. In cooperation with a partner, we have also recently started to offer refined hemp shirts of the best quality from exclusively European production.
The heart of Life-Tree - and thus the bearer of the attitude to life conveyed by Life-Tree - is the motif of Martin Benedek's drawing pen. He is dedicated to drawing trees and gives Life-Tree its unique face. The unobtrusive and appealing design of the artist, combined with the first-class materials used, conveys a conscious lifestyle with a view to social responsibility and environmental friendliness.
Life-Tree distributes its products not only through its own web shop, but can also be found on various markets throughout the year (dates on the website). Next time on the Tollwood-Festival from 24.11 - 23.12 in Munich.
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ONIMOS is the first and only Slow Fashion Store in Bavaria. With a flag ship store in Augsburg, a city steeped in the tradition of trading and producing clothes ONIMOS is the centre of the regional Slow Fashion Movement.

The name is the brand. ONIMOS, a combination of the Latin animus (soul) and omnis (all) means just that: the soul of one and all. And that is the message Birgit Fischer, founder and CEO of ONIMOS, wants to get across.

Our mission is to further the Slow Fashion Movement. We sell fair labels, fairly produced garments, and recycle high-end vintage fashion. We are ONIMOS. We are ONE. We are REVOLUTION.

ONIMOS will be the most important driving force of Slow Fashion. We will make fashion an honorable and fair business again.

The concept Slow Fashion incorporates all fashion produced locally, regionally, in a sustainable and ethical way, and all recycled clothes. We sell only the finest Vintage, Second Hand & Fair Labels.

Our own label helps to spread the message: ethically produced garments, high-end quality, and unique products.

Anything new you find in our store, you can bet it's all fair. We sell ethically sourced T-Shirts from regional labels Degree and Life Tree. You can also find great Shirts with artistic motives from Coromandel out of Leipzig. And if you dig sunglasses, make sure to check out PAPP UP from Ber
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We are a small studio community with workshop and shop, in the Bismarckviertel in Augsburg. There we design, develop and manufacture all our models ourselves - dresses, bags, accessories - which later hang on the bar or stand on the shelf in the adjacent showroom. We love simple, graphic cuts, to which we give a special feature with discreetly playful elements or with the machine-drawn seepage. We work in small series, but sew each piece individually - that makes them unique!
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8 Product(s)

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