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Goldsmith Buhlheller is a classic goldsmith's workshop (since autumn 2004) in the heart of Hassfurt. A penchant for extraordinary, yet puristically modern design is reflected in all pieces of jewellery. It is manufactured in all precious metals, such as gold and silver, palladium and platinum. Precious stones, pearls or other precious materials are welcome.
Precise work, a safe implementation of the intended design and a high-quality finish make it possible to fulfil individual wishes.
The owner Katja Buhlheller gives all pieces of jewellery a special touch with a flair for something special.
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Goldschmiede Buhlheller

Reaching out from Bamberg, St. ERHARD® is the first German bottled beer imported in India.

St. ERHARD® is a genuine Franconian cellar beer brewed and bottled in Bavaria according to the German purity law. The just slightly dark beer captivates primarily through its elegance and modest use of dark malt flavors.

Delicately interwoven with hints of roasted malt sweetness and courageously used hops give rise to a well-balanced flavor. Already in the nose St. ERHARD® shows the harmony between pleasantly malty, fruity sweetness that seems balanced by pleasant bitterness of the fine aroma hops. The palate continues the balance.

The taste is dominated by the clear and precise maltiness and fine aromatic hop bitterness. St. ERHARD® clearly reflects the characteristics of a stronger, darker beer without emphasizing individual flavor components too heavily. An elegant version of a Franconian cellar beer which particularly impresses with its wealth of aromas and finesse.

Bamberg, the enchanted city on the banks of the River Regnitz, has been described as a symphony in B – baroque, brez’n (pretzels), bread, bridges and of course its famous beer. Indeed, beer – the cultural, natural and global peace drink – has a special significance and history in Bamberg. 

The almost ninety breweries in the surrounding region make it the highest concentration of breweries in the world. The history of this imperial, spiritual, academic and traditional beer-drinking city has always gone hand in hand with beer. 

In 1973 the town celebrated its millennium – which is about as long as beer has been brewed in Bamberg. The first beer was mentioned in 1093.

The size of a St. ERHARD® bottle is 0.33l. St. ERHARD® is shipped in 6, 10 or 20 bottles. Alternatively, it can be picked up in the St. ERHARD® headquarters, situated in Kronacher Str. 41, 96052 Bamberg. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 6:00pm.

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