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DEBOSC is a family fascinated by wood. The idea was Lluís, the father who wanted to find new ways of relating to the material with which he had always worked and which is an essential part of our daily landscape in our hometown of Anglès. The rest of the family has joined a project that is small but close to us. We all have something to add: Lluís is the expert in raw materials (although we are catching up!) And in marketing; Teia, the mother, is the one who solves problems and is the practical woman who sews, packs and finishes the products we send her; Raquel, the youngest daughter, takes care of the image and the artistic direction of the brand, and together with Eva, the oldest daughter (who tries to avoid linguistic errors!), Take care of social networks and the website. When it comes to the design, creation, production and sale of our products, we are all working on it (arguing, stressing, excited ...), because there is a lot to do here!

Recycling and reusing - it’s our passion and you will find it all over our shop, from our products to our interior design. Banners, scaffolding nets, kites... all directly from the street to Demano.

What makes Demano’s products unique?

There is always a story to tell in all our products, always unique pieces with a past. All carefully made in Barcelona by local craftsmen.

The Demano store location:

The store is located in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Barcelona. Exhibitions of banners form different events in the city are hanging from our roof and scaffolding nets are covering our walls. All carefully made following our principles: recycling, reusing and reducing.

Isla de Plata is a design store for organic fashion located in Barcelona. Our line of clothing is mediterranean, fun, fresh and easy to wear. visit our physical shop in barcelona.
Isla de Plata
Leather bags and accessories handmade by us in our Barcelona atelier.
We love what we do and we take care of all the details.
Our items are made with high quality natural leather from Spain and Italy.
This leather has been tanned and dyed according the strict environmental rules in European Union.
We hope you enjoy our handcrafted and exclusive items.
JUAN-JO gallery

We started our journey in 2007, opening our first shop in Torrent de l'Olla, in the neighborhood of Gràcia. We wanted to create a space to find designs of city’s young designers at affordable prices. Gradually we incorporated more established brands. 

In 2009 we decided to open a second store, this one in Travessera de Gracia, in the same neighborhood of Barcelona. We found a lovely place, which was an old home and house plumbing. The building dating from 1866, was practically in its original state, so we had to do a major overhaul.

We wanted to keep the charm that conveyed so we kept some of the decorative elements at its disposal as furniture, cabinets, windows, original hydraulic floors and little treasures that were found.

At present this is our only store, if you do not know us we invite you to visit us and be part of this little project done with a lot of heart.


My name is Lisa Lempp, I am the designer and do-it-all of my brand and store in Barcelona. My beautiful shop is located in the antique part of the city, in one of the typical small, charming streets of the neighbourhood Born. The first floor of the space is my workshop and studio where I create, make the patterns and develop every bag and accesory.

For the shop I have developped my own style of exibition. Old ladders, chairs, drawers and ropes are my way of hanging, placing and setting the bags. Every week I try to give the store a new, attractive look by moving and swapping the complements.

After 10 years I am proud of the excellent quality of my products and the good relations made with clients from all over the world.

My work includes two different collections:

The Capricho de Muñeca collection features sofisticated designs in refined color combinations and leather textures. The bags are exclusive, almost unique, as I produce in very small editions in Barcelona, taking special care on quality and finishings, using best Italian leather. This collection is for all those who want to carry a unique and appealing handbag.

The other collection I design is called Lisa Lempp Raw Cut Collection. This line is a urban, easy-going and trendy collection of rucksacks, totes and crossbody bags. Also made of best Italian leather, the styles are of cleaner design, but still have many practical details.

Both collections include classic designs which persist in time, using other color combinations. But for every season there is also some new design coming up.
Lisa Lempp
Designs that survive the test of time, supported by high quality collection that is accesible to everyone and above all, they should last forever. The garments and collections are faithful to noble materials, including all varieties of silk. With regards colours, rarely you see prints, usually each collection includes five solid colours.
Maria Roch
Mundoconalma* is a universe of magical pieces with the intention of creating positive emotions, illusion and transformation. The interest in yoga, medi- tation and personal growth awoke Cristina Gascon’s passion.

Cristina is a designer from Barcelona who creates beautiful and special items to transmit spiritual knowledge through them: goddesses, angels, stars, hearts become necklaces, bracelets, ritual kits, calendars and more... each creation of mundoconalma*, is especially designed for women connected with sensitivity, intuition and the feminine power of transformation.
Eco-friendly brand based in Barcelona. Women's & Kids fair trade clothing. 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

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