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Discover beautiful stores in Berlin Shop now

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Gift ideas for the little longings between home and wanderlust
We are a young urban design studio with our own production in Berlin-Kreuzberg and offer home decor, gifts and accessories with stylized city silhouettes in the field of tension between home and cosmopolitanism.

Whether New York City, Barcelona or Paris, there are always cities that attract you particularly strongly. Sometimes the savings are simply not enough for the journey - or the dream destination has not been visited for a long time. With my favourite metropolises to go you can simply bring your place of desire home - with a key ring or breakfast board, cushions, lanterns... and much more.

At the moment you can travel from A like Amsterdam via * Barcelona * Berlin * Bremen * Chicago * Copenhagen * Düsseldorf * Eindhoven * Frankfurt * Hamburg * Istanbul * Cologne * London * Milan * Munich * New York City * Paris * Philadelphia * Rotterdam * Ruhrpott * San Francisco * Shanghai * Singapore * Stuttgart * Tokyo * Venice * Washington * Vienna * Yokohama to Z like Zurich.

We produce most of them ourselves in our studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Or we work with small craft businesses and sheltered workshops in the surrounding area.

Discover in our shop beautiful and useful things for city lovers, cyclists, globetrotters, long-distance travellers, friends, those who stayed at home, those who have moved away... to remember and against forgetting...and of course as a gift for yourself.
Enjoy browsing!
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We are five young men from Berlin who were tired of boring standard tea. Thus, we launched our shop in 2012 and established our manufacture in 2013. 

We have offered the city's probably most exciting tea ever since. It is not just that our mixtures are utterly convincing, but also the four different designer packagings convert each tea blend into a genuine cuisine classic. 

Your friends' envious looks included.

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5 CUPS and some sugar

We are a designer-run and independent design focused agency & concept store in Kreuzberg Berlin, with over 15 labels that span a variety of fashion products, from women and menswear to jewellery and object design.

As an agency we function as a support group for our designers offering services from retail sales, events management, PR, show & shoot production alongside our advice and consultancy for all aspects of running a label.

As a retail showroom we feature an in-house studio and designer run concept store, our ethos lies in the belief that there should be a more direct connection from design to production to consumer.
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ABURY brings together exciting designers with traditional artisans from remote and inspiring cultures. This exchange of knowledge between the old world and the cutting edge allows for a new context to emerge, leasing crafts a new life and lending design an emotional component which has been missing in recent times.
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AMBIVALENZ offers extremely flat folding furniture in minimalist design - from wall desks to individually printed folding chairs - which make small rooms large and large rooms huge.
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Amodo is not just beautiful products, what is more striking about this shop is that it is also a beautifully peaceful space to be in, creating a calming atmosphere and shopping experience. Marianna and Matteo previous experiences in the art world are reflected in the way that the store is meticulously curated. They successfully combine their taste and experience to create their own little universe, and at Amodo the jewelry, interior decoration, textiles, books, magazines, and even plants all contain the same level of devotion to design.
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We are Amy & Kurt alias Christina and Nico. We live, work and enjoy life in Berlin Friedrichshain. Christina is graphic and web designer, Nico freelance photographer and image editor. After exchanging creative ideas for some time, motivating ourselves in our projects and having a lot of fun, we founded the label Amy & Kurt in 2013 together. Here we can now put all our ideas in a pot, stir vigorously and let us surprise with what comes out. It has always been our dream to set up a joint project, to spend more time together and to inspire each other. Now we have tackled it and present here our ideas.
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Amy and Kurt Berlin
In the Berlin Hutsalon " Coy - art to wear " - there are handmade hats and headdress for special occasions, as well as wearable hats and caps for everyday life from our own manufactory. We also carry men's caps from various European manufacturers. In a particularly charming ambience, you will receive excellent advice and protection. We manufacture head jewellery to match your wardrobe.
We speak German and English
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Berliner Hutsalon Coy
Clothing store for women - Berlin-Friedrichshain
In the small workshop at Boxhagener Platz every model is made by hand. In the foreground of the elegantly casual collections is the case of the fabric and clear lines in the cut. We purchase our fabrics mainly from our suppliers in Italy and Holland, what is important is a pleasant feeling on the skin and movement-friendly elasticity. The small series are complemented by unique pieces and rise stylistically timeless above transient trends. Depending on the combination with shoes, jewellery and accessories, a red cabbage model can always be staged as a special silhouette for going out or as natural daywear. In any case, it puts a very special icing on the cake on the individual characters of our customers.
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With the charm of modern Mexican design and handmade under fair trade conditions, these products are specially designed for the Fridas of the 21st century with style and personality. Each product is unique and combines the spirit and radiance of the purest Mexican tradition with the freshness of an avant-garde style. We carry products of young designers, which were manufactured elaborately by hand, with great commitment and love. These principles guarantee the elegance and quality of each of our products: handmade fabrics, soft or vivid colours harmoniously matched, interesting design. The artisan production of each article is time-consuming and original. Creativity is the hallmark of our offer.
We have our headquarters and the centre for worldwide shipping in Berlin, a city where style and originality renew themselves day after day, just as we do for you!
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Blue Frida
Unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery, accessories and watches, partly lovingly handmade by ourselves, make our little shop a real miracle treasure chest.

Always the little bit crazier and the icing on the cake more beautiful than the mainstream, that's how we see ourselves and our stuff.
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Carol and Me
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