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A Multi Brand Retail Store of Blue Lotus.

A potpourri of fashion & design is featured on two floors in Lado Sarai. A space for start-up brands, fair trade organizations, NGOs, designers and entrepreneurs. A place for people with dreams. In 2011, start-up designers and entrepreneurs founded Buzzaria which now hosts more than 60 brands from all over India. They represent the India of the Now.

The name comes from the word "Bajaria" which is the local market, Sawai Madhopur. I was and am totally fascinated by the name and the local bazaar. One day while staying at The Ranthambhore Bagh, I knew that I would call my shop Bajaria. Inspired by this word, I began to associate... bazaria ... ... buzzaria! Eureka! Buzzaria it would be! I was maha impressed with myself.

Buzzaria is the synthesis of an Indian bazaar. Buzzaria combines traditional ethnic and contemporary, the Old and New, the hip and fun in a colorful merry dance. A Bazaar "buzzing" in all possible ways.

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