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Art is communication; is truly feeling ourselves, is taking a look deep inside of us to express what we really are. Art lets us leave our mark on the ground and forever keep its inner voice with us.

“introspectum”(looking within) was born following our meditation about our feelings and emotions, in which we become the subjects of our own studies in relation to the world and the unstoppable and untouchable concept of time; it was born from the study of the japanese aesthetic concept, the so called “wabi sabi”. This concept explains how the real beauty shows itself, throughout a clean, bare - but not sterile – body, where you can lose yourself into the poetry of its soul, appreciating every deformation or imperfection as the result of the natural process of ageing; through the  marks left by time you can really understand its essence, its nature.

It is like telling the story of a whole life. “introspectum” is facing a new concept of space where one can discover a sensorial experience, driven by the suggestions created by the variety of products and the atmosphere of the place..

Nokike Atelier was founded in 2015 in the historic center of Florence. You can find the jewelry collections by Herika Signorino and new and innovative brands to exhibit their creations, carefully selected, following the same high quality parameters, innovation, experimentation and attention to detail.
Illustrations, fashion, jewelry and ceramics made in Italy.
Nokike Atelier

2 Product(s)

2 Product(s)

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