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Nokike Atelier was founded in 2015 in the historic center of Florence, Santo Spirito neighborhood, as a natural continuation of the creative process of designer Herika Signorino.

A space where we wanted to recover the historicity of the place, a butcher shop of the 19th century, where you can find the collections signed Nokike by Herika Signorino, but inside which the possibility is given to new and innovative brands to exhibit their creations, carefully selected, following the same high quality parameters, Italian handicraft, innovation, experimentation and attention to detail.

All creations are 100% made in Italy, for women who think about women.
Nokike Atelier is a magical place for form, substance and image.
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Sabrina Fossi Design is a company producing 100% Italian handcrafted homeware products. It aims to bring the best Italian master crafts man skills in each product giving to the final customers an outstanding product quality. Sabrina Fossi Design started its own production in 2013 in partnership with LIAF, a company based near Florence that has been creating handmade interiors and products for home and commercial spaces since 1984.
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Sabrina Fossi Design

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2 Product(s)

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