Discover beautiful stores in Hamburg
Discover beautiful stores in Hamburg

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Human Empire Shop
Our heart beats for good design, innovative products, well-founded craftsmanship, bubbling ideas, creative labels and factories. In our shop in Hamburg-Ottensen, we can express our hearts and offer our customers a varied program. A selection of our favorite products can be found here in the shop. Have fun clicking, browsing and shopping.
Herzberg Hamburg
not the girl who misses much
I openend my little showroom, which is located right in the heart of Hamburg, close to one of its landmark churches, the Michel, in May 2018. There, I design and hand-produce my jewelery. I only produce small batches of each piece with many of them being one-off-designs. I often use semi-precious stones like Aventurine, Lapis, Onyx, Jasper or more recently, Freshwater Pearls. You'll find necklaces, arm cuffs, earrings as well as finger rings and bracelets within my collection. My main inspiration comes from nature and  vintage patterns and architecture, mainly from the 40's, 60's as well as the 70's. Unless I am participating at a craft show, you are welcome to check out my latest pieces during the week from Tuesday til Saturday!
Casou Greenery
Move, move, move!

When movement is fun, you continue to do it, which is a good thing! We at Nipala know just how much the right outfit can support your motivation and training success. And so, we do everything we can to ensure that every single piece of our sports and lounge collection has what it takes to become one of your favorite articles of clothing: Every piece fits perfectly, feels soft and light, adapts to your every movement; every article is robust, functional and timelessly beautiful. Our clothing is made for people, who wish to make a positive impact on their own lives.

NIA, Dance, Yoga, Pilates - what makes you happy?
You can order our Nipala Styles quickly and easily online. The Nipala Hamburg Manufacture for sportswear and loungewear delivers to all corners of the globe. Or pay us a personal visit and be inspired in our Showroom & Store in Hoheluftchaussee, Hamburg. Let’s make your wishes come true!

Baby Bode
Die Werkkiste
Dori´s Prints

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