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About Us
Through a fascination for bamboo and its potential to help alleviate deforestation and poverty in rural areas, Julia Washbourne launched the brand BAMBOA in 2008. Bamboa is a brand that carries products made from locally harvested bamboo and made by local communities throughout Asia. 
Bamboa has a retail boutique in the PMQ building, located in Soho on Hong Kong Island. Bamboa's team designs and sells contemporary and attractive bamboo products ranging from tableware, lifestyle products to flooring and bamboo fabric.
Bamboa's goal is to provide beautiful contemporary bamboo products that help rural communities, support local artisans and encourage the use of a sustainable resource.
Why bamboo?
Bamboo is often mistaken for a tree, while it actually is a grass and there are over 1000 different species that are native to every continent except for Europe and the poles.It is the fastest growing plant on the earth, with some species growing up to one meter within 24 hours!  
Our Mission
Bamboo and rattan are integral to the lives of up to 1.5 billion people, roughly a quarter of the present world population. For many of them life is a constant struggle against poverty and deprivation.
Bamboo and rattan can provide them with a sustainable way out of poverty, a stable source of income for a growing range of micro, small and medium sized enterprises.
Bamboa’s mission is to provide beautiful products that help rural communities, support local artisans and encourage the use of a sustainable resource.
We believe that beautiful and durable household products should not come at the environment’s expense.  
As we head into a future of scarcer resources and limited energy, it is our goal and perhaps even calling to help rediscover bamboo's beauty and qualities and for it to replace materials such as hardwoods, stainless steel, plastics and concrete.
Going Green with Bamboa
Going Green is an initiative to help protect our world forests from deforestation. There are an increasing number of ways bamboo can be used and an increasing number of products that can be made from it, in particular to complement high value timber-wood products.
Bamboo is also more and more important in environmental conservation and for rehabilitating degraded land. Bamboa believes that beautiful and durable household products should not come at the environment’s expense. By choosing Bamboa’s products, consumers can take pride in knowing that their purchases support local artisans and rural industry throughout the developing world. 
Not only are bamboo products environmentally friendly, furthermore due to bamboo’s rapid growth rate, Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen than trees and is considered a critical element in the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 
Join us on our mission to GO GREEN by choosing your products made from a sustainable resource.
A young company rooted in over three decades of history, The Lederer is a subsidiary of Shui Hing Tannery, one of the two tanneries left in Hong Kong where leather is still being made.

With the expertise of leather manufacturing backing us, The Lederer focuses on being the ultimate hub of the other branches of the leather industry: a place where DIY stitching packs, custom made hand-sew products, easy-to-approach workshops and high quality leathers, local and imported, could be found.

Our biggest goal is to share our passion for leather goods and craftsmanship to more people, providing great products and unique experiences, while guarding the tradition of leather making.

Made in Hong Kong, made by you.
The Lederer

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