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HLC Jewels are the mirror of an enormous quality and exclusivity, combined with creativity and dynamism to be able to respond to all the needs of the world today. All Jewels are handmade with great care, dedication and attention that every Jewel deserves. We are talking about Jewels that are designed, developed and made in Portugal with Portuguese materials. In the development of Jewels HLC only works with semiprecious stones and precious materials like silver and gold.
HLC Jewellery

The passion of João Bernardes Vilela and Tiago Patrício Rodrigues for space and objects led to the creation of Pura Cal, a project that was born in 2010.

For us, Pura Cal it’s a concept, a way of being and thinking environments and furniture. Our mission is to enable the possibility of building different, unique and achievable spaces. Our vision assumes the creation of self-identities, highlighting the spirit of each space and piece, in order to maximize the comfort and well-being, combining the design to our cultural legacy.

We assume that soul is our main characteristic, and our ambition is to assign it to all objects and spaces in which we work. Having a soul is to have a history, a past, a future. 
It is to be unique, different from all others, without banalities, but also being "human", with virtues, flaws and inconsistencies. It is this humanization that identifies and defines us as creatives and as a brand!

Pura Cal

2 Product(s)

2 Product(s)

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