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From Miami Vice to California Dreamin' If, like us, you're really addicted to tv series, you've probably seen the original Miami Vice.

Do you remember the intro? The one that gives off the feeling of the American dream and the excessive consumerism of the 80s? Living life in full colour between Ocean Drive and the Florida Keys, wearing shirts like Don Johnson on beaches invaded by Flamingos.

Now do you understand where our brand comes from?
Ok, we already knew that our brand would be called Flamingo... but what about the story behind it? We still needed to create a story that would fit with our brand concept.

We were clear that Flamingo would identify with the coast and the sun. Would it be the Florida coast? Well, no, we were pulled more strongly to the west coast: surf, sunsets, innovation, technology, good vibes... We fell in love with the idea of California and everything that it represented. And just like that, we started to research and came up with a concept that captivated us: California Dreamin'. Et voila! We had it! Flamingo would represent the California lifestyle and all those non-conforming, tenacious, creative, responsible, demanding, innovative people!

Flamingo Eyewear

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1 Product(s)

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