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"Arredi Marziani" is a line of interior decoration and lights created by the Italian designer Marzia Mosconi. 

Her creations are handmade and she takes care of every single aspect of the production process, from the research of the materials to the final artwork. Her innovative creations can be admired in Marzia's showroom located in Magnago, near Milan.

Clients can also request specially customized products.

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Arredi Marziani

CiccaCicca is a small laboratory located in the heart of Milan where ideas and creativity come true. Our creations are unique and they link together an original design to a modern and refined creativity. Our design is the result of a twenty-year experience and our creations are unique, entirely hand-painted and made in Italy. We aim at creating not only common objects, but rather small design pieces.

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Il Girasole is an herbalist’s shop located in Rovato (BS) since 1982. Here you will find everything from herbal products and organic cosmetics, to typical food supplies and hygiene products. In the shop, the customers can take advantage of the unique advices from Lucia, proud of her degree in herbal medicine obtained at the University of Urbino (Italy).
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Il Girasole

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3 Product(s)

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