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Gina Lehnen knows, that silence can stand a chance whenever it’s too loud around us. For more than 30 years, she designs timeless fashion for every season that meets the needs of the emancipated woman.
Steadiness, rituals and traditions become luxury goods in a fast-paced world. Gina Lehnen knows the link between inner peace and outer beauty already for a long time:

“Today I am emancipated and I don’t need to be sexy, I can simply be myself”

Going back to oneself. Worshipping oneself. Letting go of daily struggles. These are the guiding principles of Gina Lehnen’s work which are also being represented in the way she treats her clients. Gina Lehnen wants to inspire women to feel great in their own skin – not only in store but wherever they are wearing her collection.

This idea started with Gina Lehnen’s Homewear colletion. The timeless pieces offer luxurious textures, quality and comfort. They are all about celebrating the feeling of coming home and being free.
The material is easy-to-care and designed to set the owner free from worries. All pieces are produced in Germany and are 100% sustainable.

The pieces are designed for women to let go of daily struggles and take a step back to take care of themselves – with classic design and feminine details. The Home Dresses by Gina Lehnen collection is designed for any body type – comfortable for everybody. Because beauty begins with a state of mind.
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At "MAMA&mia" you will find lots of lovely clothes, gifts, toys, accessories and many more for babies, kids, teens and adults.
It's a special concept store for mothers and kids. Here you find small companies from Germany, Scandinavia and from all over the world which stand for high quality but also for sustainability, fair wages and fair trade.
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O.welt is my interpretation of art. This is also reflected in my new fashion line. You can find all the clothes, as well as selected works of my art in my shop. The orders of the clothing are collected and produced at the beginning of each week. Since each piece is produced on demand, it can take up to 14 days for the items to be finished. If you want to see more of my art, you can visit me on Instagram. If you have questions about individual production of artworks, feel free to contact me!
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