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Anne creates long, elegant, feminine silhouettes, often uses fabrics for men's suits for split skirts, or decolletés with ribbons crossed, tied or buttoned...
Her simple, subtle style does not mean there's only one way to wear her clothes. The woollen collar transforms into a stovepipe hat! A cachemire scarf turns an overcoat into evening dress!
She allows each customer to interpret or adapt the garment according to her mood, and likes to offer several versions: reversibles in two colours, leather straps which can be tied in a 1000 ways
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Anne Willi
Founded in 2014, Bankelok is the boutique for exclusive and ethically made all things fashion brands by woman designers. The company is a result of our founder's love for the world, support for woman right causes and initiatives, and passion for all-things-different. 

We offer a worldwide selection of fashion jewellery, accessories, clutches and bags, and selected clothing, from high quality women owned brands selected for their craftmanship, cultural content and high quality of the materials used in the uniquely produced pieces. 

Bankelok is committed to creating a curated destination where you can shop unique jewellery, accessories and clothing, ethcially made across the globe. We thrive to bring you exclusive quality designs and the best the world has to offer.

We are dedicated in creating a space where you can get inspired and discover exeptional American and international ethical brands by women designers that are committed with high quality craftsmanship, all ethically made and sourced. 

Welcome to Bankelok!
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Established in 2008 as a multibrand online store, C’H'C’M’ is a men's clothing store based in New York City, working on special projects with some of the best designers and manufacturers in the world / In 2010 we opened a physical store at 2 Bond Street in NYC / In 2014 we started our own in-house line to sit along side the other brands, manufactured in UK, France, Italy, Japan and the USA.

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The Kai D. label was conceived with one simple notion: to create HANDSOME and FUNCTIONAL products to reflect our affection for utilitarian ideals and timeless classics. Every article is meant to endure a lifetime of experience, to breathe and mature organically with the individual.

An artisan, by definition, is a worker who practices a trade or craft; or one that produces something in limited quantities using traditional methods.  That is who we are.  We build our collection in small batches with the intention for each garment to last.  Through classic styling, quality fabrics made by historic mills, precise fits, and meticulous finishing, each shirt, pant, tie, or jacket becomes timeless.  Wearable now.  Wearable ten years from now.  We design clothing that nods to history, embraces the present, and endures the future.  We create clothing with craftsmanship and care.  It’s our trade.

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Kai D.

KTcollection infuses classic lines with an urban flair for a look that is distinctive, easy to wear and quintessentially New York. Whether you are looking for your new favorite piece, the perfect gift, or something fabulous to bring home from your vacation, we have the jewelry for you. 

Our handmade line is made with sterling and 14-karat gold-filled chains. If you plan on getting something that you will wear every day, invest in one of these pieces made of precious metals for more durability and longevity. Pendants are sterling silver and vermeil (sterling silver dipped in gold) unless otherwise noted. All handmade pieces are designed and made in New York City.

Our costume line is silver plated, gold plated, and brass. Our philosophy is that costume jewelry is fabulous if you want a statement piece that is just plain fun. We do not make or design these pieces.

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New York natives, Achuziam Maha-Sanchez and husband Lionel Sanchez have created a store combining each others eclectic and global tastes. Coming from African and Caribbean heritages, there's a feeling of being transported as you enter this Bed-Stuy boutique. Achuziam, an interior designer, brings her impeccable taste to the offerings displayed and also has a vast design knowledge base that is a perfect fit for the beautiful brownstones that surround the area.
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Peace & Riot

We introduce you to Simple Goods Brooklyn, a small shop in Williamsburg blending French and local goods curated for your home (and you.) Unique home decor, handpicked gifts and adornments from an array of diverse artists and craftsman. Please take a peek inside, and see the care and story behind each piece, follow us along on our new journey.

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Simple Goods

Sunni Spencer is a brand architect with 21 years of fashion industry experience and impact.

With a unique business approach, she guides fashion & lifestyle brands, corporations, and industry influencers with strategic advice to drive excellence and amplify revenue.

The Sunni Spencer "Aprés Sea" Boutique is a curated lifestyle concept shop that infuses Home Decor & Furnishings with Ready-to-Wear and Accessories.  

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Sunni Spencer

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8 Product(s)

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