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CUSQ is a Studio and a Store - a new concept space based on the merger between  Art, Fashion and Design.

 It is a conceptual commercial space in downtown Porto, Portugal. A space that intends to establish itself as a minimal studio with an open door showing 4 different Portuguese brands.

We try to show to the public things that are being made, things where the concept, the ideas and the final product matter.
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The store was designed to talk about design. Unique pieces or Limited Editions in fashion, furniture, product and lighting design from emerging Portuguese creators and new brands.

Based at Porto Art District, talking to the world, store showcases a group of products, based on their unique design and material quality, experimentalism and innovation, but mainly with a certain timeless feeling that represents our concept for contemporary urban lifestyle.
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The Feeting Room offers a carefully curated range of womenswear, menswear, shoes and accessories. Located in the heart of Porto, this unique concept store is part of a collaborative project between brands, new designers and artists aiming to offer a slower and more considered shopping experience. Boutique owners Edgar and Guilherme are dedicated to showcasing the best brands and designers in their store, ensuring unique pieces are accessible to all.
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The Feeting Room

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3 Product(s)

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