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Our shop is in authentic medieval space in the very centre of historical Prague in so called Lesser town.
Based in the garden of an ancient church it has exceptional atmosphere,definitely worth to visit.
Inside you will find above all our own exclusive hand made glass and sterling silver jewellery designed and made by the owner Alena Chladkova.
Than many other elegant ooak artisan creations out of glass, ceramics, wood and more.
Everything in our shop is hand made in Czech Republic with no exception :).
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We bring design to life. deelive. Meet an exclusive selection of home accessories, glass, lights, jewellery, fashion and a lot more of trendy Czech design in a new gallery space. 
Every product is pampered as an art piece, packed and sold with love. Completely divine experience not only for design lovers.
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deelive design store

DreamHouse is a place where you will find breath-taking TEXTILES and WALLPAPERS! It is an openhearted, comfortable, friendly world, offering various sense-awaking INTERIORS. We synergise DESIGN, ART and CULTURE which can turn even your coffee break into a magical experience.

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Harddecore is a design and fashion gallery that gathers contemporary design perspective of Czech and foreign designers.

Here you will find exclusive collections that go from jewelry, glass and porcelain home accessories to furniture, lighting design, home decor and fashion. Almost every piece introduces a unique concept, produced in small series.

The products are chosen with love by Petr and his wife Josefina, considering singular characteristics and materials. The gallery is also a showroom for the fashion label Josefina Bakošová, which urban fashion is characterized by the contrast between sportive and elegant elements and unusual and asymmetric details.
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La Femme MiMi underlines women’s beauty. At first glance you can see a lovely woman, but the special dress will be noticed the second time. La femme MiMi’s design emphasizes the shape, color combinations, elegance and comfort.

MiMi Lan, the designer, carefully chooses the best materials. Since the founding of the brand she sews without any residue and passionately restores the old and forgotten items recreating them into new ones.

Her Prague studio is the place where both the custom work and two designer collections yearly are created. Once in a month an upcycling workshop is organized, where MiMi teaches not only how to revitalize the outfit using existing applications and embroidery, but also the hand embroidery itself.

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La Femme MiMi
LEEDA is a well-established Czech fashion brand founded in 2003 in Prague. Lucie Kutalkova designs each collection with passion for quality materials, tailoring and sense for detail.   Each piece of the collection is produced in the Czech republic. Origin of the materials and local handicraft traditions are the essential characteristics of the brand. Collections are inspired by various topics. Leeda is also very popular for its individual approach to clients not only in the form of custom manufacturing but also in the possibility to meet the designer in person. The Leeda fashion boutique is located in the Old Town district of Prague. The original interior of the boutique offers Leeda apparel accessories and shoes next to the jewelry made by local designers.   Among Leeda's customers have been actors like Tilda Swinton, Susan Sarandon, Kim Cattrall or Ex Bond girl Olga Kurylenko.
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Lípa (li:pa) is the Czech name for the Linden tree or Tilia Cordata, a beautiful majestic tree, a symbol for a great tradition, energy, for an intoxicating aroma & love. A tree which became an inspiration for the creation of our brand, because it stands for everything we believe in:
The craft. A careful one, a thorough one, modern, yet respecting traditions.
The design. Minimalist, original, elaborate to the last detail.
The local artisan production, thanks to which our products are born in a sustainable way and acquire a high quality.
The heart. The one you will find in the shape of the linden leaf, but also in the love we put into our brand.
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Lipa store

Brand Mum-ray was established in 2008 and specializes in the manufacture of ladies and men's bags and handbags.

Handmade originals from Prague Lucie MICHALCOVÁ workshops are for all who love their stuff, and interested in where and how they were originated, and want to be with them for a long time. These bags can be stylish combination with your outfit and be the practical carrier of all your necessities during the day.

When creating an emphasis on treatment and choice of materials. We strive to provide the functionality, color balance and details that make perfect bags.

For each order, we want to provide maximum satisfaction for our customers.

Mum-ray Fashion Studio is a combination of clothing atelier, where our products are manufactured and display in the showroom so you can see and try the product.


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The fashion designer, Martina Navarila is one of the top creators of Czech fashion. After graduating from the School of Applied Arts in Prague, she introduced her collections under the brand name NAVARILA® .
Since then, Martina has created her own authorial collections of knitwear for women, which are made with love in limited number by Czech producers in the Czech republic. The new collections being created regularly twice a year, are designated for every-day wear and for all clients who are looking for a brand with an individual designer’s touch among collections. Each model is tagged with the registrated trademark NAVARILA® guaranteeing the top quality of the material and elaboration.

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FEED YOUR PARAZIT Parazit is a groundbreaking boutique with 15-year history, that sells clothes, accessories and jewelry created by independent Czech and Slovak designers. A welcome break from chain store uniformity in the centre of Prague, Parazit is a progressive and unique alternative destination where you can discover a mix of local design pieces and original artistic creations most of which with a certain sense of humour. You should not expect super high-end decor or gallery-like minimalism here but you can definitely find friendly and relaxed atmosphere, get an offbeat city guide to Prague and enjoy the inspirational chat with Parazit crew. Everyone is welcome to visit.
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We bring you wayusa - a unique supertea from the Amazon rainforest. Its Latin name is "Holly Guayusa" and it is the Ecuadorian variety of yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis). She is an inseparable part of the culture and everyday life of local Indian communities, who have been growing this plant for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. 

Wayusa has been avoiding commercialization so far. It is grown without artificial fertilizers and on a much smaller scale than yerba mate, tea or coffee.

One of the key benefits of wayusa is its stimulating effect which differes from that of coffee or tea - it is slowly growing and longer lasting. You will not feel the shaking or restlessness, heartburn or heavy stomach, coming sometimes after drinking coffee or tea. You avoid such side effects thanks to L-theanine contained i wayusa. Moreover, wayusa does not affect the kidneys or make you dehydrated the way coffee does.

The wayusa we import comes solely from a small local production. It is purely natural product and a fair-trade article, as it is grown in a limited amount, in a traditional way taught from one generation to another. We cooperate with eco-friendly farms and visit our producers regularly. We know what we buy and whom we buy it from. We thus guarantee that the products we import are fresh and of high quality, far bypassing the requirements of BIO or ORGANIC certificates.



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11 Product(s)

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