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Discover beautiful stores in Rome Shop now

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A little workshop in Trastevere, the ancient heart of Rome, where you can find unique jewelry pieces. Every piece is designed by its owner Anna Retico and hand made with unusual materials such as rubber, plastics, fabric, glass, paper, wood, PVC and recycled materials. The results are unique one-off pieces, never mass produced.
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Since 2009 in the heart of Monti district of Rome The Elena Kihlman concept store hosts all her personal collection of home decor and handmade bags. It’s possible to find a wide range of interior design items and selection of accessories for sough-after and unique way of life, with intriguing proposals of the best designers in northern Europe.
Opening hours from 10.30 am until 8:00 p.m. every day

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Elena Kihlman concept store

Our showroom is situated in via della Vite, a few steps away from Piazza di Spagna.

Our glasses and crystals, rigorously hand-painted and decorated at very high temperatures, give birth to a wide selection of unique interior design products, like lamps, mirrors, jewelry and much more.

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A beautiful shop located right at the historic center of Rome, situated at the lovely street of Banchi Nuovi that boasts its accessibility from the famous tourists spots of Vatican, Castel Sant'Angelo and Piazza Navona.
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Kimi Te Jewels
Pyla Jewelry
Curated Design Jewelry
Form over the Substance

Pyla is a collection of accessory with an essential but original design, which says without compromises the fashion concept of the designer. The artisan production guarantees the unicity of every single piece  respecting the formal and stylistic autonomy of each model.
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A beautiful space located at the historic center of Rome near Piazza Navona. Sinopia Galleria combines the beauty of antiquity with the visual power of the contemporary style. It also organizes exhibitions and events. 
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Sinopia Galleria
SPAZIOiF design in bottega, is a small Sicilian independent brands, bags, scarves, accessories designed by me (Irene Ferrara), are all made in a small workshops in Sicily so the design is combined with traditional manufacturing.
Our store in Rome is a special place where we chose to host company like ours, in addition to our productions, there is little other brands with the same craftsmanship and stylistic research, from clothing to accessories woman and something for man, all objects that have a story to tell, and Carla and Annalisa are at your disposal to tell it.
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SPAZIOiF Design in bottega
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