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Discover beautiful stores in Viterbo
Discover beautiful stores in Viterbo

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Since its establishment by Giovanni Viali in 1891, this bookbinder shop is situated in the historical center of Viterbo. 

In 1997 the business passed to Lucia Maria Arena and Hans Rainer Kolb and in 2011 entered in the list of historical businesses of Italy. 

Our philosophy is to make high quality, rigorously handmade products with sustainable materials.

Our products are diaries, notebooks, photographic albums.
Antica Legatoria Viali
In our craft workshop in Tarquinia, you can find unique works. Our regional authorities assigned us the quality certificate "With high aesthetic and cultural value" and marked our artworks as "traditional artistic handicraft". We produce both reproductions of classical art, treated with an antique patina to look like archaeological pieces, and sculptures of contemporary art. We work any stone, from the finest marble to the most common rocks without neglecting the ceramic, used for sculptures, enamels, etc. In addition to the portraiture sculpture, an important part of our production is also the architectural interior and exterior decoration, such as fireplaces, fountains, etc. Every piece can of course be custom-made.
Todini- sculture d'arredamento

2 Product(s)

2 Product(s)

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