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Die legendäre Hochschule für Gestaltung, das Bauhaus, wurde 1919 in Weimar gegründet. Meister und Künstler wie Gropius, Feininger, Klee, Itten und viele mehr waren von Anfang an dabei und prägten ein, damals revolutionäres, gestalterisches Verständnis von neuer Architektur, Design und Kunst in allen Sparten. Heute ist das Bauhaus längst Teil von 11 UNESCO Welterbe-Stätten allein in Weimar. Die Klassik Stiftung Weimar verfügt über die älteste Sammlung von Bauhaus-Exponaten weltweit, die im Bauhaus Museum am Stéphane-Hessel-Platz zu sehen ist. Als Tochter-Unternehmen der Klassik Stiftung betreiben wir zwei Bauhaus Stores in Weimar: Im Bauhaus Museum sowie in zentraler Lage am Weimarer Markt, in der Frauentorstr. 4. Unser Jahresgewinn fließt zu 100% an die Stiftung und hilft so, das kulturelle Erbe Weimars zu erhalten. Mehr Infos zu unseren Shops in Weimar finden Sie unter Gerne laden wir Sie auch in unseren Shop "Weimarer Klassiker" hier bei Sugartrends ein, wo Sie Produkte rund um das klassische Weimar der Goethezeit finden.
Bauhaus Store Weimar
BRUCHGLAS manufactures lamps made of waste glass, wood and metal in small quantities. Each product is handmade by the designer himself. The use of recycled material makes each piece unique.
Production takes place in the "Studio Waegetechnik" workshop community in Weimar. Who would like can always gladly come by and look at the products and their production. There is no better quality control. The personal contact to the customer is very important to us and we respond to special wishes and unusual project ideas.
In line with the sustainable concept idea, only a small number of products are always produced and adapted to demand. If something is not available at the moment, we will gladly reproduce it for you on request.
Here you can take a look behind the scenes and be kept informed about news from BRUCHGLAS:

BRUCHGLAS is not a shop with regular opening hours. If you are interested just give us a call or write an email. We are looking forward to a lively exchange with you.
The cultural heritage of the city of Weimar in Thuringia is diverse: Goethe, Schiller, Liszt, the Duchess Anna Amalia, Nietzsche and many more have lived here and left their mark. For example, Weimar has more than 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites, which are maintained by the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and made accessible to the public.

The Klassik Shop Weimar is actually more than just one: We run all the museum shops for Klassik Stiftung Weimar, e.g. in the historic homes of Goethe and Schiller, in the Anna Amalia Library, and we also take care of the assortments in the museums of e.g. Liszt, Nietzsche and in the castles and parks of the city and its surroundings.

Not all products offered online can be found in every shop in Weimar. If you have questions about availability, we look forward to hearing from you by phone +49 (0)3643-545 880 (weekdays only).

Feel also invited to our Bauhaus Shop here at Sugartrends!
Weimarer Klassiker

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3 Product(s)

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