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We are small team who enjoy working together. We enjoy creating so much that it is like a game for us. The game we take seriously when it is necessary. We have walked together through life for a long time, and all along this walk we have talked, hence our brand name Talking Walking. One of our many conversation topics was leggings. We think that the leggings are a piece of clothing that looks good on almost every woman, regardless of her age or her weight. Believe us, we speak from personal experience. We remember how we wore them in all stages of our lives.

As we are nitpickers, we've put tremendous effort into delivering the highest quality product. Every single aspect of it needed to be perfected before it is allowed to reach our customers. It's simply something that's in our nature. Every segment of it received the highest amount of attention: design and manufacturing process, the materials used, tailoring, sewing, printing and finally packaging. To be able to achieve this, we have assembled the team of various professionals, sharing our values and dedication. As a result, we have received quality certification from the internationally recognizable institution, CIS Institute Belgrade.

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Talking Walking

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1 Product(s)

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