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Cork tobacco bag / Cosmetic bag / Vegan


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'Cork tobacco bag / Cosmetic bag / Vegan'

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Smoke? But ..
.. with this stylish tobacco bag you show what.
Each bag is unique and so it can never be confused with your tobacco, no matter what variety you prefer.
Each has at least two slots for lighter and lanterns. Filters can be stored directly in the tobacco compartment. The bag is closed by a subtle (artificial) leather cord, which has the advantage that the size of the bag always adapts to its contents!

Manufactured by Bermuda Bags Berlin.
.. is also a synonym for handmade leather bags, in which many of your things mysteriously disappear ...
The leather used is extremely high-quality and yet they were - like the three-legged carrots in the supermarket - because of minor beauty defects from the manufacturer equal screened. But precisely these details are consciously used as a styling tool at BBB and make every piece an absolute unique!
Handmade in Berlin. Since 2015.

The producer Pepe Tabak used the measure to measure, so the following measurements are obtained:
23 cm x 15,5 cm (from seam to seam)
96% cork leather
4% cotton cord waxed
(100% vegan)

The colors can differ from the original in the screen view.

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