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Cream Ointment Psor Hypericum psoriasis Itching

Brand: Crema Eletta

Seller: Il Girasole Milan

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Il Girasole
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'Cream Ointment Psor Hypericum psoriasis Itching'

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Great if  dermatoses in general - dermatosis bleeding - finds its ideal use in psoriasis (carries out its reducing action so important and noticeable flaking epidermal and dermal thickening limiting erythematosus associated with it) - it also acts by removing dryness and itching. Without water, emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes and animal matter. The product has no form or dose of medicine, and is not a substitute for medical care or specialty. Contains  Hypericum, lanolin, wax dawn, lavender, camphor, yarrow, horsetail, helichrysum, thyme and other herbs. Ingredients  Lanolin - Olea Europaea - Ricinus communis paraffinum Liquidum - Cera Alba - Lavandula angustifolia Camphor - Achillea millefolium - Equisetum arvense - Fumitory Officinalis - Helichrysum italicum - Hypericum perforatum - Plantago Maior - Thimus Vulgaris - Piscum Lecur tests are carried out on animals. Expires 9/2017
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Il Girasole
Il Girasole is an herbalist’s shop located in Rovato (BS) since 1982. Here you will find everything from herbal products and organic cosmetics, to typical food supplies and hygiene products. In the shop, the customers can take advantage of the unique advices from Lucia, proud of her degree in herbal medicine obtained at the University of Urbino (Italy).