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The ecommerce platform for local stores

If you own a local store and want to sell online,
SugarTrends is the place for you

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The best stores are making more than 8000€ a month on SugarTrends. We will help you join them

What we provide

  • Become a part of our exclusive international network of hand-picked stores
  • Set up your own onlineshop or import the data from your existing webshop
  • Easy management of orders and communication with customers in your account
  • Target new (inter)national customers and make 8000€ or more per month
  • Use your online presence to attract more walk-in and existing customers
Add ons
  • Get featured in our city booklets
  • Outsource product uploading to us
  • Start joint advertising campaigns with us
  • Any questions you might have
  • Online & offline promotion
  • Your customer care

How selling on SugarTrends works

  • List your products
    Upload an unlimited number of products manually or with a product data feed
  • Sell your products
    As soon as you receive an order you are informed by e-mail
  • Ship your products
    SugarTrends takes care of the whole payment process. So you simply ship the product once you receive the order
  • Pricing
    39€/month + 10% sale commission

Words from other store owners

Villa Sorgenfrei - Berlin
Villa Sorgenfrei - Berlin
“SugarTrends is fun, very easy to use, and it is a wonderful extension for creative shops to expand their business.”
Stadt.Land.Still - Düsseldorf
Stadt.Land.Still - Düsseldorf
“The best thing about SugarTrends is the close support I have from the team, allowing me to focus on my customers instead of on building a web-shop.”
Desiary - Cologne
Desiary - Cologne
“There are a handful of local shopping platforms now, but yours is the only one that actually works, well done.”
Claire Naa - Paris
Claire Naa - Paris
“SugarTrends was clearly worth joining for the oppurtunity to reach German consumers to whom we did not previously have access to.”

We support local shopping

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