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ZAMT Berlin
Owner - Zisan Buga & Max Reinhardt Store rating

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LEYAN | Minimalist essential

  • Dimensions : 24cm x 20cm
  • One main compartment, closes with zipper
  • Strap can be adjusted via buckle
  • Made with 100% pure vegetable-tanned leather

Handmade in Poland


Store Information
ZAMT Berlin
Conscious, contemporary, but nonetheless timeless are the three adjectives that best describe the Berlin leather label ZAMT by Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt. The two - the viewer will not be surprised - have a background in fashion and architecture. In their label, they have combined their love of detail with their love of nature.

Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt were missing beautiful objects that not only look good, but are also sustainably manufactured. That is why the two beautiful spirits founded ZAMT in 2018 and have been designing both minimalist and architecturally inspired leather accessories with great attention to detail. One of the most exciting and in this case sustainable materials that has existed since time immemorial is used for this purpose: leather.

Every step of our journey is proof of our love for nature. – ZAMT

The ZAMT leather comes from a family-run tannery in the third generation, which uses vegetable tannins in Tuscany. It always sounds hard, but it’s like this: The hides are a by-product of the meat industry and would be uselessly disposed of if they weren’t made into leather. In order to avoid long transport routes and to ensure that the raw materials are not treated with environmentally harmful preservatives, which are common in the chrome tanning process, only European hides are used.


Fair and environmentally friendly production is just as natural at ZAMT as the fact that no compromises are made in terms of style. Therefore, the two founders take full responsibility for their production. Their suppliers and manufacturers are selected with great care in order to guarantee fair working conditions and the love for nature they exemplify along the production chain.

For a better world and a healthy planet and for generations to come.


A key element in the ZAMT philosophy are deliberately timeless designs (keyword: minimalism) and high-quality material that is brought together by traditional craftsmanship in Europe to create a very special end product. Manufacturing bags at this level requires great craftsmanship. That is why the two only produce in selected factories in Italy, Poland and Portugal.

Patina – ages with you

Good to know: Vegetable tanned leather is not only an environmentally friendly material, it also absorbs the traces of life and thus develops a personal patina that lasts for generations.

Where does the name ZAMT come from?

As writer, we of course saw through that straight away. The name is just as smart as their products: Zisan Buga + Max Reinhardt = ZAMT. We love! A quick look behind the scenes at ZAMT? Zisan and Max met in Paris, where they not only founded ZAMT, but also a family. Today they live and work with their children Can and Romy in Berlin.

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