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Cuvée of 6 Hegauer prunes in mulberry barrel, 350ml. 43% Vol. Stühlemühle distillate N ° 432

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'Cuvée of 6 Hegauer prunes in mulberry barrel, 350ml. 43% Vol. Stühlemühle distillate N ° 432'

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God has meant well with the Hegau:
nowhere else in Central Europe does one exist
such variety of wild plum species as in the region
at the western end of Lake Constance.
Wild plums have been around for millennia
to the most important food crops of humans,
what the Bronze Age excavations of plum stones
prove in many places. The wild plum, so the wild,
original ancestor of our precious plums
(like plum, mirabelle, clark, etc.) developed
through different crosses of blackthorn,
Cherry plum and creeping and thrives today
in many different forms and Bastardized varieties
from the Höri up to the slopes of Witthoh.
For this Cuvée we have the rich harvest
the grand plum year 2012 once together
mingled to the different aroma notes
from the Hegauer Schlehe, the rare creeper,
various types of myrobalans (red and yellow),
Oatmeal and oat plums and the special forms
the Bodensee-Zibarte (which matures much earlier than their own
Black Forest relatives) in one
to mull the common distillate.

Unlike his clear "brothers"
we then have this fire for a year afterwards
mature in a small mulberry barrel
- a fascinating experiment with a great result!
The mulberry wood brings its peculiar sweetness
into the distillate, supports and emphasizes the plum notes
and complements the aromas through the characteristic
Mulberry tones. The result is a cigar brandy
with natural balance and harmony,
plumy lace and delicate marzipan tones,
every single sip of an experience and
to a taste journey through the volcanic
Hills landscape of the Hegau with its magnificent
original nature makes!

"Sabere, complex plum fruit, some dried plum,
spicy, discreet wood content.
Rich, high aromatic fullness in the palate, nice freshness,
pleasant fruit sweetness, strong and aromatic in the long finale! «
(Swiss Wine Newspaper, No. 06, June 2015)

Silver medal of the Destillata 2013

Storage potential: 2-22 years
Drinking strength: 43% vol.
Bottle: 0.35 l
Harvest year: 2014

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