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Dalwhinnie AGED 30 YEARS, 700ml. 54.7% vol. 2019 SPECIAL RELEASE

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'Dalwhinnie AGED 30 YEARS, 700ml. 54.7% vol. 2019 SPECIAL RELEASE'

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As the oldest of the series, Diageo brings in the Special Releases 2019
the Dalwhinnie 30 years in the race.
"Extra-Mature & Gentle Highland Malt" can be read on his label.
It should be the highlight of the series for many whiskey connoisseurs.
The 30 year old Speyside Single Malt Whiskey fulfills even the highest
Expectations of a particularly soft and pleasing taste profile.
In 2015 Dalwhinnie was the last time with the Dalwhinnie for 25 years
represented with 48.8 percent volume in the Special Releases.
At that time, a limited amount of 5,916 bottles were filled.
The Special Release 2019 is under the motto "Rare by Nature".
This is impressively demonstrated by the bottle and packaging design of the bottlings.
Only Mortlach makes an exception and presents itself
not with elements from nature.
The Special Releases 2019 not only breaks new ground optically,
also the reduction to pure single malt whiskeys
with age is new for the limited edition.

Special Release 2019 Dalwhinnie 30 years in the test

The Dalwhinnie Single Malt Whiskey matured in refilled for 30 years
Hogsheads and butts. He was left with his when bottling
natural taste. The master distillers waived both
on filtration, as well as on reducing the drinking strength.
With a volume of 54.7 percent, the 30-year-old Dalwhinnie came in the 700 milliliter bottle.
Its flavors developed in the long ripening period
complex and full-bodied. His character is described gently and silky smooth.
Dalwhinnie's distillery character comes in the limited edition
the Special Release 2019 particularly intensively.
Sweet, spicy, with fruity aromas and gentle vanilla
the Dalwhinnie 30 years in perfect balance.
Whiskey collectors and connoisseurs can count themselves lucky,
to own one of the Dalwhinnie 30 years of 2019.
Usually the few bottles that are available sell out pretty quickly.
Bottled in 1989 as a special release a Speyside single malt for connoisseurs and collectors.

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SZENEDRINKS offers one of the largest selections of different Gin and Tonic varieties, but Franz’ store does also present a wide but selective variety of champagne, whisky, rum, tequila, meczal, grappa, vermouth, vodka, liquors and fruit brandy.
His motto: "class instead of mass”. Here, you will find an impressive assortment of limited editions and exquisite drinks for every occasion.
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