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Zimt & Rosen
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Delicious creative finger food catering (10 pers.

Brand: Zimt & Rosen

Seller: Zimt & Rosen Cologne

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Store rating

Zimt & Rosen
Owner - Johanna Dohle-Laghdir Store rating

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'Delicious creative finger food catering (10 pers.'

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Great selection of tapas and spreads for your staff finger food catering . The following selection is for 10 people :
(For hungry guests we recommend additionally the vegetable quiche and a harira chickpeas soup)

spreads :
Babaganoush bread
Pepper Walnut paste with bread
Petersiliienpesto with cashew nut bread

Tapas & more
Crepe with pesto
Crepe with salmon and horseradish cheese
Chicken skewers with Satesauce
Falafel with Mint yoghurt
Spinach and sheep bags - halved
Date with horseradish cheese and Walnut
Moroccan cigars with Mint yoghurt

All dishes are homemade and fresh with the finest Zusaten . Allergies and special requests Please indicate in the comments box at the Checkout .

Our catering is currently only available in Cologne. Please contact US for further distance delivery.

You can add many more delicious pieces from our "same day catering" selection. The shipping will remain the same, just €3.99!

Please add your preferred delivery date and time in the comment field of the checkout.

Store Information
Zimt & Rosen
Zimt & Rosen is a small shop with French-oriental flair. Just like at a bazaar, here you will continuously discover new things the longer you stay, like scents of spices and delicious Moroccan dishes.
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