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Domaine Denise Amiel - Côtes du Rhône Villages

Brand: Domaine Denise Amiel

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'Domaine Denise Amiel - Côtes du Rhône Villages'

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The story of the Meffre family - a vegetable garden, olive trees, half a hectare of vineyards and two lovers

It was love at first sight when Juliette and Gabriel met at one of the summer festivals in Gigondas, Juliette's village. That was in 1925. In the summer. The world for someone who grew up in Provence was then small and manageable. Juliette had just turned 15 and had a crush on this guy from the neighboring village of Seguret. There is no other way to describe it. You, then still young, and he, already a mature man with his 20 years of age, seemed to have been made for each other right from the start. Why? Well, both were very strong personalities. Juliette always had the intuition of what and how one could do it, and Gabriel - a strong and stubborn fellow - had the strength to realize all of this.
Not a year passed after this summer party and they got married. Juliette set the tone - she was affectionately referred to as being stubborn - and made it clear to Gabriel from the start that she would never move in her life from her home village Gigondas, never from the house in which she was born want. So Gabriel followed her and left his little village Seguret with the few belongings. Back then you didn't need much to be able to live. The small vegetable garden provided the bare essentials for food and little money was earned with the harvest from the olive grove and the small vineyard. Although half a hectare was only enough to provide the family with good wine.
When, in the first year after the wedding - it must have been 1928 - a terrible frost struck Provence and the splendor of the proud, old olive trees waned, it seemed that the young family's happiness was over - Juliette was expecting her first child - well sealed.
But let's remember for a moment: Juliette was a very lively woman who didn't want to give up easily. In a nutshell: The wood of the old olive trees was made small and sold at the market in the neighboring village of Vaison-la-Romaine for a good price. And now the Meffre family began to grow. The first new vineyard parcel was bought, cared for and cherished, and good wine made out of it, which in turn was easy to sell. In the meantime, the two sons Jack and Christian were born, and above all the people in the village saw the success of Juliette and Gabriel as their own success. At least their possible ones. So you went there on the part of the other villagers and left one or the other parcel to the two so that good wine should also grow there. The family was now complete and had their hands full, really all hands, because farm work back then was manual labor, tending to their small possessions and slowly increasing them.

Even the Second World War and the horrors of a bombed-out country did not deter them. For a few centimes they bought the vineyards from the few people who remained and had them laboriously and always at risk of fatality cleared of the expressions of war. Gabriel, kind-hearted and always deeply connected to his dear Juliette, when he died of a heart attack at the age of 70 in 1973, he left behind a lot of land and vineyards, but also a lot of debts. But he had also given her how and what to sell after his death, so that she could continue to live in the heart of her family and of course in her little house. She did that too. Many more years. It wasn't until five years ago that she fell asleep calmly and calmly, at the age of 92, but still bright and cheerful. But it was very important to her that the most beautiful vineyard - that was 3 hectares around the old house - remained in the family's possession ...
Every year some - really only a few - hundred bottles of this wine come into our possession. We are happy to give them to people who appreciate such wines.

This wine is made by the winemakers using the following method:
"Agriculture raisonnée", digging up, espaling. Mechanical work of the soil.
Not a herbicide.
Manual harvest with sorting of the grapes on the plots.
Country of origin France
region Rhône Valley
Grape varieties Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre
Match with small dinner that can be put on the grill, burger
Type red wine
Organic wine No
Producer Domaine Amiel, 84190 Gigondas, Vacluse, France
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