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Minimalist, superstylish, full of power: This glass bottle makes a powerful statement not only on your desk, but also around the world. But wait, wait ... there's more! When you turn the bottle over, a mug will come into the limelight, from which you can enjoy delicious tap water. And by the way you put your water on top of the podium.

Our (and soon yours) Dopper Glass puts away up to 400 ml of water. You are a bit choosy about the temperature? Yes, we can understand, but we have something for you too. Take a look at the Dopper Glass Insulated - this wonder keeps hot water hot for longer and cold for longer.

Do not miss it all. Become part of our mission. Until water is (again) crystal clear.

We realize that by now you have heard of the plastic soup. But as one says so beautifully: out of sight, out of mind, right? Not correct! For plastic likes to hide from prying eyes and continues to decompose until you can not see it with the naked eye. Water bottles made of disposable plastic are unfortunately not a big help. But on the contrary. So: time for plain text! This is the reusable bottle that makes disposable water bottles fight. These translucent marine rescuers help draw attention to the invisible plastic that captures the waters of the entire world. But that's not all: every bottle sold creates direct impact and helps us to implement educational programs, research and education campaigns. Last but not least, every bottle of our clean drinking water projects in Nepal gives you a kick-start. Good karma is free! Together we can beat big waves of change - bottle by bottle.

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soki Kassel

Welcome at soki – Sophie and Kira from Kassel

As trained custom tailors we established in 2015 our green fashion label soki. We made it our mission to bring a new level of sustainability into the tailors craft.

Mainly we use old linen which we combine with Bio-cotton. So we can conjure new, individuelle fashion pieces. 

Our colourful boxers out of old linen are made with love in our little manufracture home by ourselves and some parts are made from our brave little tailors from the Baunataler Diakonie Kassel, a establishment for disabled people.

The method of upcycling gives our panties out of old linen a new function- and so every little piece is a real unikat.

In our green concept store in Kassel you can not only fnd our own creations, more than that a colorful mix of other sustainable products.

Furthermore we offer you regularly tailor courses for everybody!

Furthermore you have the possibility / opurtunity to choose your materials from our bed linen storage – to create your personal unikat!

We see our little business as a green concept store – what means that you can get many sustainable products from other brands and nice stuff directly produced in our surroundings.

Here a little overview of the brands we sell:
VEJA,Thought, Dedicated, Dr. Bronner's, ThokkThokk, Mud Jeans, HYDROPHIL, Lamazuna, Ben & Anna Deodorant, Fremdformat, Wild Fawn, Kaliber Fashion, Dopper, Wildwax, Kolor, Braumanufaktur Steckenpferd, Cupper Teas, Konrad & Siegfried, Die Stadtliebe.
And the labels from the mini soki floor: Nobodinoz, Oli & Carol, Fablike, Ted & Tone, Wee Galery, Sleep no more, Ekobo, Gretas Schwester, Nanchen Natur.

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