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Drinking water filter "Carbonite Vario universal"

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'Drinking water filter "Carbonite Vario universal"'

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Enjoy pure and clean drinking water. Therefore, you should prepare your drinking water:

The Vario universal (with quick release) is designed for connection to the existing water valve and equipped with the filter cartridge IFP PURO. 
Simple connection to your existing faucet. This means - filtration for the entire cold water. The technology is hidden under the sink.

Technical description: Housing made of POM and transparent Grilamid. All components are verified and manufactured from food grade materials according to the rules of the DVGW and DIN EN 14898. All housing materials comply with KTW recommendations and positive lists through high-quality plastics. The security tests on compressive strength meet 481.1.022. use to pressure PN 10 DIN 19632, DIN 14898 and GSO.

approx. 7 litres per minute (filter cartridge IFP PURO) at a water pressure of approx. 4 bar and a water temperature of 10 ° C.

filter unit without connectors (WxHxD): 123 x 310 x 115 mm. length of the hoses: 2 pieces each about 80 cm.
Weight: completely dry approx. 2.4 kg; Complete wet approx. 3,5 kg. Temperature: from technical reasons must be used only with cold water up to 20 ° C.

Supplied with
  • Filter housing with quick couplings
  • Ring spanner
  • 2 Edelstahlflexschläuche (80 cm long)
  • T-piece 3/8
  • Stainless steel-hiking mount
  • Shut-off valve 3/8
  • IFP-PURO carbon filter cartridges, filter 0.15 microns. Even high loads of pollutants, bacteria, drug residues etc. can be filtered out reliably. This is ensured by the inner hollow fibre capillary membrane microfiltration
  • Dimensions: approx. 123 x 310 x 115 mm (W x H x D) without connections / approx. 360 mm with connections
Like you can contact with us, to discuss details with you if necessary. We advise you in detail for a tailor-made solution for your pure and clean drinking water to find! Learn more on our homepage: http://

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