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Dune Pitcher

Brand: Mária Hostinová

Seller: HARDDECORE Prague

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'Dune Pitcher'

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A beautiful crystal glass series dominated by dune shaped lines.

A creation by Czech designer Mária Hostinová that emphasizes softness and playfulness with the dune shaped lines, which add dynamism to the Pitcher.

Materials: Crystal Glass

Size: 1500 ml

Store Information
Harddecore is a design and fashion gallery that gathers contemporary design perspective of Czech and foreign designers.

Here you will find exclusive collections that go from jewelry, glass and porcelain home accessories to furniture, lighting design, home decor and fashion. Almost every piece introduces a unique concept, produced in small series.

The products are chosen with love by Petr and his wife Josefina, considering singular characteristics and materials. The gallery is also a showroom for the fashion label Josefina Bakošová, which urban fashion is characterized by the contrast between sportive and elegant elements and unusual and asymmetric details.
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