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Louis Le Sec
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Duvet cover 100*140cm OURS

Brand: Louis Le Sec

Seller: Louis Le Sec Brussels

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Louis Le Sec
Owner - Sophie Remy Store rating

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'Duvet cover 100*140cm OURS'

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  • Slip into the skin of the bear to imagine your own story . You prefer the grey color today , simply return your duvet cover
  • Playful, comfortable (jersey 100% cotton) and useful thanks to the PU membrane: stops liquids and bedbugs, soundless, breathable
  • Helps parents keep cool when facing small daily disasters: bedwetting, regurgitation, vomiting, bleeding, spilled bottles, dustmites allergy
  • The + : the feeling is as soft and soundless as a "classical" cover.
  • To be associated with the fitted sheet and the pillow case, sold separately.
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Louis Le Sec

The very soft cotton of the Louis Le Sec home linen is coated with a polyurethan (PU) membran that stop the liquids and the dustmites but that is soundless and breathable.

The bed linen protect bedding (duvet, pillow, mattress, cushion, bed bumper) from small accidents of everyday life and extend its lifetime, it is also a barrier against dustmites.

The all around can be used everywhere for everything. It is waterproof and anti-bacteria.

The hooded towel frees your hands to fully take care of your baby and keeps you dry during baby bathtime. The bib is sweet, absorbent, flexible but waterproof. 

The washables wipes replace the classical disposable wipes : reusable, practical and healthy. They meet all needs: baby change, facial cleaning, cleansing wipes, etc.

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