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LIKO Jewellery by Lili Koos
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Earrings “Vitruvio Rose Quartz”

Brand: LIli Koos

Seller: LIKO Jewellery by Lili Koos Budapest

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LIKO Jewellery by Lili Koos
Owner - Lili Koós Store rating

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'Earrings “Vitruvio Rose Quartz” '

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” Celebrate the beauty of simplicity”
This collection is characterized by simple, geometrical forms interpreted in an unusual colorful way.
Inspired by the famous Roman architect Vitruvius
and his idea based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry. Many of these sacred geometry principles of the human body and architecture were complied into the Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci as well.
These earrings, which are made of precious stones are   going to be an eye catcher and make every outfit look good. They are made of silver with gold cover, have rose quartzes in different sizes and are encircled by pink sapphires.
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LIKO Jewellery by Lili Koos

LIKO is ...fresh, modern, spicy, unusual, symbolic, unique, luxurious, bizarre....just pick your favorite! 
Lili Koós says “My motto is to create affordable yet luxury pieces for everyone who appreciates fine jewelry.”

Creating yearly capsule collections but also realising unique jewellery productions of each customer. No matter what event, engagement, aniversary, wedding or just a special memory...LIKO Jewellery will create you your dream jewellery with immaculate perfection.

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