Ela Eis Design
Owner - Ela Eiselein

Elegant bracelet

Brand: ELA EIS

Seller: Ela Eis Design Dusseldorf

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Ela Eis Design
Owner - Ela Eiselein

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'Elegant bracelet'

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  • ELA ice design
  • Hand made
  • Made in Germany

This text what auto-translated from German to English. To read the original text please switch to the German site.

A great bracelet decorated in lime green. Here I have the gem trawl layer, Lime Green shell pearl and many glitter roundels used. The bracelet is moving non-system bright like lime green in the tones of beige, brown, silver and a very. The gems are on a very durable, flexible tape threaded.

Made for a wrist circumference of 18-19 cm.


Please wipe off the bracelet when and leave it. The flexible band is very durable if it is not stretched. ELA ice manufactures only unique. It can happen that a product of is temporarily from is sold. Then we have a very hard as possible to design similar piece for you and like to make suggestions.

Size / dimensions / weight:

Length: 20 cm

Trawl layer Rondelle 16mm

Shell core beads: 14mm

Glitter Rondelle 14mm

Weight: 92.5 g



The length of the bracelet can be connected to your

Wrist circumference can be adjusted.

Please let US know your circumference in millimeter with.

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Ela Eis Design
I'd rather go with my interests in width and not so much in depth. That's why I design unique jewelry pieces. ELA EIS DESIGN reflects this philosophy and represents modern femininity with new ideas.