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EONE The Bradley Voyager II

Brand: eone

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'EONE The Bradley Voyager II'

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Winner of the iF Design Award 2016 , German Design Award 2016 and reddot Design Award 2016
The Bradley is at first glance an extraordinary watch. In other watches, where one sees a glass with a dial set behind it, a completely different picture emerges with the Bradley: A silver ball on the front indicates the minutes in its "orbit". Another ball at the side indicates the hours. Both balls are moved by magnets in the housing. The design is inspired by blind people, who can read this clock without any problems. The "12" serves as orientation and is represented by a raised triangle. The other lessons can be felt as well. The obviously unique design has a thoughtful background. A really special "timepiece".

material stainless steel / aluminum
size 40 mm (diameter), 11.5 mm (height), 18 mm (width bracelet), 15.9 - 21.6 cm (circumference wrist)
pointer 2 metal balls in chrome (inside minute, outside hour)
bracelet Leather bracelet in light brown
battery Renata 371
water Splashing water is no problem, not suitable for water sports, swimming etc.
maintenance Microfasertuch
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Our goal is to discover creative, original and individual ideas of international labels in the form of jewelry, accessories, designs and everyday objects for our customers. This may be a regional product like the Ahle Worschd board, but it can also be an award-winning watch like the Bradley from Eone. It is important that the product inspires us with the first contact, makes us curious or simply moves us.
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