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Ikat dress Belle

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Silk gives every garment a mysterious shine, flatters our skin in its delicacy and gives us natural elegance and a touch of luxury.

Refined elegance characterizes this long ikat dress made of 80% silk and 20% cotton with wide sleeves. Figure-flattering cut gives an idea of your silhouette. A dress for the special occasion, the grand entrance.

Material: hand-woven ikat, 20% cotton 80% silk

Length: 145cm

Limited Edition by Belle Ikat

Of course, all of our models are unique. Handcrafted in small factories from draft to finished piece. Our Ikat fabrics, for example, come from the Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. Their production is very complex and comes from an ancient tradition that the master craftsmen have cultivated and refined for generations. First the yarn is wrapped around drums and dyed in sections with natural colors. The subsequent weaving creates graphic patterns in bright colors. For the cuts, the patterns are then joined exactly together and processed into an exclusive one-off.

When the fabric is used up, new patterns and colors emerge. For our limited edition, only a maximum of 20 individual parts are manufactured. We only have very elaborate pieces cut and sewed for you after you have placed your order.

With the limited edition, our fashion becomes even more exclusive and the quality of our products is further increased. All parts are sewn in Germany, every production step is carefully controlled.

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