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Wein am Schloss
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Event wine comedy, incl. Breaker and wine tasting: 19.10.2018

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Wein am Schloss
Owner - Elke Koopmann Store rating

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'Event wine comedy, incl. Breaker and wine tasting: 19.10.2018'

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Best of Wine-Comedy - the laughter in the cellar goes on For four years the wine-cabaret artist Ingo Konrads is now on high stages and in deep cellars. With his two sensual comedy programs, he has conquered an enthusiastic audience and proved that the world of wine has a high potential of fun and comedy. Now he brings a new autumn program, which can be very excited. You can look forward to an evening full of bizarre wine stories, fine nostalgia and excellent hospitality. Always on a grand-cru level, but never dry, the most famous wine cabaret artist in Germany, Ingo Konrads.
Find out what happened in the course of the history of mankind on the now-millennial search for the truth in the wine - and what happened when, today as then, even after the enjoyment of the 3rd bottle of wine partout could not be found ,
Enjoy the informative as well as humorous program around the lifestyle theme wine. We are sure that this program, presented with a high degree of artistic expression, would have made some wine gods from Greek mythology pale with envy. This, however, would be the case with the draconian penalties of angry gods. Not quite as beneficial ... But then we would have simply offered a glass of our delicious wine. Like you. However, it does not remain with this one wine. In the course of the evening you will taste a total of 8 wines. Also, a break is included.

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