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Fairwear hemp shirt women rising

Brand: Life-Tree

Seller: Life-Tree Augsburg

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'Fairwear hemp shirt women rising'

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Damenshirt Hemp fabric made of 100% on circular knitting machines. Produced in cooperation with hemp love and refined by life-tree is a This quality unique wearing experience. Hemp fibers because of their air pockets thus distinguished, that they always summer cooling and warming in winter work. For this purpose, the fiber is extremely absorbent and durable.
  • refined by life tree in Augsburg
  • 230-250 g / m ²
The Hemp plant as one of the world's oldest crops has rapid growth and this requires only natural rainfall. This hemp know a high ecological efficiency, because without the use of herbicides and pesticides can be grown and contributes to improved soil quality by its deep roots. Clothing made of hemp:
  • Vegan
  • skin-friendly, Hypo-allergenic
  • robust and hard-wearing
  • temperature ausgleichend
  • compostable

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