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Faux Leather Bag with Caña Flecha - Vegan -

Brand: Bizar

Seller: Bizar_Cologne Cologne

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'Faux Leather Bag with Caña Flecha - Vegan -'

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A very beautiful and chic and feminine bag where tradition meets design!

The "Caña Flecha" fabric was already in the Zenu culture in the time before Columbus in northern Colombia and was developed from a natural fiber. The fibers come from the so-called Caña Flecha palm (Gynerium sagittatum) and can be converted into white and black.

This bag is woven in women's traditional technique in the Sampues - Sucre, a small village in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It is combined with artificial leather and lined, has a zipper and inside a small pocket with zipper for other important things.

The bag is 52 cm long with handles and 22 cm long without handles x 38 cm wide x 6.5 cm deep.

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Bags, shoes, clothes and accessories that attract attention! We bring colors from South America to Europe. Since 2010, we have been working closely with small businesses in Colombia and other Latin American countries to create lovely products with history. We are crazy about Handmade products and define ourselves as an expressive and fancy mix between traditional handwork & design.
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