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Fence standing'-A3 (55 x 43 cm)


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'Fence standing'-A3 (55 x 43 cm)'

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Fence standing by Kevin Russ place: vintage picture frame retro look from recycled wood of social and environmental added value, United States, North America Oregon coupled with individuality, creativity and aesthetics - that are the unique vintage picture frames from LUNA designs from Cape Town (South Africa), paired with the great motifs of Photocircle. Each frame is unique and has its own history. Our curators selects the images suitable to the particular character and the colors of the frame.

Design for change and sustainability

With recycled wood from Cape Town and surroundings

The Upcycling company" LUNA design"from Cape Town, South Africa, it's about sustainability and social and ecological change. LUNA design has since 1996 picture and photo frames made of recycled wood here: two years after the end of apartheid the South African brothers mark and Brian Fanner LUNA design company in Cape Town founded. It went and dealing with them in addition to ecological also social sustainability: the wood collectors - working and homeless from Cape Town and the surrounding area - they help to a regulated income and social security.


Waste wood, beeswax, and helping hands as a recipe for success

Overall design work about 50 employees for LUNA. At the same time, they recycle now almost complete timber at the Cape. 
These around 40 tonnes are used by about ten for the vintage picture frames - old doors, window frames, floors, deck, window sills and the like; the rest goes for firewood or for the construction of fences in the townships, or is dumped on the special waste landfill. After processing, the picture frames in a biological way is treated and sealed with beeswax in the end. The wood not artificially "is made on retro", but is subject to a natural ageing process is important too."

Upcycling and photo art? The perfect combination.

Sustainable designer frames for your favorite picture

"No matter whether you are looking for just a great framework for one of your images, or a combination of photographic art and designer frames on the wall like to want to hang friends – here you will guaranteed find it! "Especially pretty this sustainable unique fit by the way, our collection of nostalgic photographs from the historic photo archive of the Süddeutsche Zeitung: the archive contains countless photographic masterpieces, the focus on contemporary history and historical figures."

Each part of something special

Designer unique in our Berlin Gallery

"Upcycling what? And what is actually so great on a picture frame from wood waste? Since we have now brought from Cape Town's unique vintage frames to Berlin, you can now also in natura admire them - and finger! Because the surface of this unique is something very special; with natural beeswax treated, they are smooth and supple, and still tell a long story about their haptic: cracks, scratches and stains bear witness to an eventful life. "But convinced yourselves."

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At Photocircle, you can buy high-quality fine art photography by talented and renowned photographers, or print your own images. We offer pictures on canvas, alu dibond, fine art paper and acrylic glass in different sizes, as well as high-quality photo calendars and different kinds of beautiful frames for our prints.

Whenever a picture is sold, both the photographer and Photocircle donate up to 50% of the profit to fund a social project in the country or region where the photo was taken. Why is this important? Photographers often rely on the Internet to sell their pictures. However, almost never do the subjects of their work profit from that. This is where we come in: it’s Photocircle's mission to bring those people back into the picture. In collaboration with non-profit organizations, we want to give something back to the protagonists of our photos.