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Féret perfumer Le Bloc Hyalin

Brand: Féret Parfumeur

Seller: Ohhh de Cologne Cologne

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Ohhh de Cologne
Owner - Silvia & Gloria Philipp / Massaro-Conrad Store rating

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BLOC HYALIN is made of 100% pure alum stone, a natural mineral that should by no means be associated with ammonium alum or aluminum compounds of any kind. These are harmful and / or synthetically produced, the Bloc Hyalin is 100% natural and acts as a deodorant and any additives and toxic substances!

The variety of its uses makes Bloc Hyalin so popular:

As a natural deodorant it is the best alternative to industrially produced deodorants. It leaves after application a mineral salt-containing film on the skin, which inhibits the proliferation of odor-intensive bacteria. The astringent effect reduces perspiration and allows the pores to breathe. There are no residues on clothing. When used as a deodorant, the upper rounded side is recommended.

As a shaving aid applied before wet or dry shaving
, it makes the whiskers a little harder, so that the cutting faster and easier and all hair is detected.

Applied after shaving , the BLOC HYALIN seals the pores and small injuries are closed. It has an anti-bacterial effect and irritations are avoided. For this purpose, the wide, flat side of the BLOC HYALIN is recommended.

After epilation (hair removal ) the BLOC HYALIN makes the skin wonderfully soft and prevents the ingrowth of small hairs.

As a face care for impure skin, the BLOC HYALIN has a disinfecting and astringent effect after cleansing the face, helping to clear the skin.

Recommended use : Moisten the BLOC HYALIN before each use and then rinse under cold water. We recommend that you do not share the BLOC HYALIN with others. Only recommended for external use. Keep out of reach of small children.

INFO: In addition, there is the aluminum can for storage! Not to be seen in the picture.

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