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Filter Cartridge Carbonite Lime Compact

Brand: carbonit

Seller: casa-elements Weinheim

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Store rating

Owner - Kathrin Krastel Store rating

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'Filter Cartridge Carbonite Lime Compact'

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The Carbonit Kalk Kompakt filter cartridge is used for water filtration in the kitchen before removal, mainly for the devices Carbonit SanUno and Vario. The Carbonit lime compact improves the taste of cold and hot drinks (especially to improve the aroma of tea and coffee), protects household appliances against calcification and supports the preparation of healthy food.

Description Lime Compact :

Combined activated carbon ion exchange resin filter cartridge, combines the special properties of a sintered activated carbon block with a water softening by ion exchange resin and thus protects against lime.
The ion exchange resin initially reduces the total hardness of the water (decalcification), the downstream activated carbon block (10 microns) removes dissolved pollutants, odor and taste impairments and particles up to 10 microns in size.

Pollutant retention of carbonite lime compact:

- Removal of odor and taste impairments including chlorine
- Removal of dissolved organic compounds
- Particle retention from 10ym
- Descaling (total hardness) optionally to 0.50 or 75% of the initial value

Flow: 1.9l / min at 4bar line pressure

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Room fragrances - drinking water treatment - living accessories

In our studio in Laudenbach close to Weinheim, you can find carefully selected products and personal customer service for individual room fragrances of all sorts. Drinking water treatment also gains more and more popularity. We offer you customised solutions for clean and fresh drinking water. Enjoyable with great ecological value. Lovingly handpicked living accessories for your home complete our product range.

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