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Yang Chai Tea Boutique
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Pour on boiling water
Brewing time
7-10 minutes
Portion control
1 tea flower per tea pot (05-1 litres)

We recommend this extraordinary blend for those who can't decide. Six exclusive selected tea flowers wait just from you unpacked and tried to be. Moreover decide who is the most beautiful and which tastes best friends! The base of this mix is black Yunnan tea and green Silver Needle tea.


Flower 1: Temple of joy (2 x)
Black Yunnan tea with Carnation and jasmine.

Flower 2: Gateway to Heaven
Green Silver-Needle tea, Marigold, jasmine and rose.

Flower 3: wildfire
Green Silver-Needle tea with Carnation, marigold and chrysanthemum.

Flower 4: seduction
Green Silver-Needle tea with Marigold Chrysanteme and rose.

Flower 5: Queen of the night
Black Yunnan tea with Carnation chrysanthemum and rose.

More information: Each tea bloom is hand made and results in up to two litres of drinking pleasure.

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