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Framboise Glass Earcuffs

Brand: Clara Schweers

Seller: NAVE Cologne

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'Framboise Glass Earcuffs'

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The Framboise Earcuff design is inspired by the bulbous form of summer berries.  Perfect to add to a layered jewelry look, feel free to stack these gems with multiple earcuffs and earrings

Handmade by Clara Schweers in her studio in Cologne, this is such a unique piece of jewelry created by an exceptional craftswoman and designer.  


100% Glass


Please be aware that this is a handmade product, every item is unique and slight variations are natural. We think this makes the piece even more special. 

Available in 3 colours: lilac, blue & green.

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NAVE [neiv] (ltn Navis: Ship)

At NAVE, we source beautiful products from great artisans from across Europe. We try and find things that are original and unique but useful and cleverly designed. Whilst avoiding waste and unnecessary use of plastics in packaging and finding alternatives that are sustainable and plastic free. We find a holistic approach to environmental protection is essential, but it's a complicated endeavour. A great way to start is by avoiding single use plastics in the bathroom and look for artisinal products and items from small, local manufacturers - thereby not only supporting a local manufacturer but also avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions for long distance transport.

So, if you like great stuff produced by artisans who love what they do and deserve recognition for it then you’ll find that here.

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