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Framed USA Typographic Poster


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'Framed USA Typographic Poster'

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This poster contains all the states of the USA, every name hidden in hundreds of letters. It's a unique typographic design element on your wall with an addictive game aspect in it: search & find the states hidden in this maze of letters.

You can colour the ones you have visited, or you can keep it just as minimal black & white. Either way, it looks nice on your wall!

The 50 states names are in English and can be found from top to down and left to right. At the bottom of the poster, there's a full list of all the states hidden in the letters. For the best results use markers for colouring. 

• NB This poster comes with a set of black magnetic hangers (top & bottom hangers included)

• Print & Paper

This is a detailed offset print on a matte high-quality paper. The sustainably sourced paper is slightly coated, meaning the black print is sharp, precise and bright. 

• Magnetic Poster Hangers

These wooden hangers use strong magnets to hold the top and bottom of your poster.  Lightweight and compact. Quick and easy to install without extra tools. The set contains the top and bottom hangers of solid wood with strong magnets and a push pin for mounting. 

• Instructions

1. Clamp the hangers to the top and bottom of your poster
2. Stick the pushpin* into the wall & hang from the top hole

*Push pin usability depends on the wall material. You may need to use a screw instead (not included).

• Dimensions

The poster is 61x91 cm (24"x36"). The length of the black hangers is 61 cm (24"). Height is 2 cm (looking from a front). Thickness is 1+1 cm (looking from a top). 

• Shipping & Delivery Times

The shipping time is ~5-9 working days.

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Bold Tuesday
We are a brand for travel-minded people. Yes, you. If your heart skips a beat when an airplane flies overhead and you literally cannot stand still when counting days to your next trip. You are one of us. We design maps, posters, and other travel-related items in a minimalist Scandinavian style.
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