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Franck Duminil - abstract Red

Brand: Franck Duminil

Seller: HS Kunst-Galerie Heidelberg

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HS Kunst-Galerie
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'Franck Duminil - abstract Red '

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Full of energy and passion comes abstract red from the Quadriga series element representing the element of fire bridging the worlds. Abstract red Lakes of aside its sibling "paintings" of the other element can be best.

With his quadriga series element, the artist transport the ancient view of the elements into modern times. He then leaves the rest to the imagination of the beholder, who is always welcome to discover new things through his abstract style.

Franck Duminil, who already had paintings of himself hanging in the first class cabin of Air France, has so had on airplane named after him, and what selected at MACParis a few years ago to be among the top 5 French artists.

Dimensions: 80 cm x 80 cm x 3 cm

Please contact or visit US in Heidelberg, in order to get more pictures and information on the paintings and the artist.

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