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The bonfire is a particularly full-bodied herbal liqueur with fine citrus notes and the taste of dark chocolate. Based on the traditional recipe of Heinz Lücke from the year 1947, it is prepared by hand in small batches and bottled by hand after a rest period of about ten days.


Every family has their well-kept secret recipes. In the case of the Lücke family, this was initially kept by grandfather Heinz and later his son Dieter Lücke for a full 60 years. Long enough, the sons Thomas and Christian found. After all, this was not about grandma's cheese soup - but about the herbal liqueur, which once made the distillery gap one of the most important in Münsterland as a "rock fire". Since her grandmother was a born Sasse, the decision for a suitable distillery was not difficult. Driven by the glory of ancient times, refined by hand for the taste of modernity. The families proudly present Lücke & Sasse: the new bonfire.


The bonfire impresses with its variety of full-bodied aromas. Clear citrus notes provide a particularly fresh taste experience. Finely balanced in combination with a discreet alcoholic sweetness prepare you for a soft, full-bodied and not too sweet chocolate finish that is particularly enjoyable.


Classic - just like grandfather's time, ice-cold

Or something softer, on ice with a lightly pressed orange zest

The bonfire is also ideal as a base for a well-groomed long drink,

eg. with Tonic Water or Ginger Ale.

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