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Fox Noah

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Noah's fox adapts well to its environment and will easily adopt a new home as a natural habitat. His typical sleeping places are hollow spaces between sofa cushions or under the duvet, which he sometimes visits for whole days and nights.
After a long sleep, Noah's fox loves to be woken up by a brief warm-up in the oven or microwave. So pampered, he cuddles cuddly around the neck, distributes his stored heat soothingly and remains safe and firm and determines also long to be on the shoulders.

This heat pad has many wonderful features:

warm and cozy for cuddly moments when it's gray and cold outside
release neck tension (eg during long sitting activities like on the computer)
soothing for abdominal pain, menstrual cramps or a cold
cold feet get warm in no time
soothing sleep aid for children
Manufactured according to EU Directive (EN-71) on the safety of toys
devised in Berlin, manufactured in Europe

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We are constantly developing new ideas so that our design can be contemporary and timeless at the same time. As the only Cologne / Bonn specialist company, we measure your spine with the medical device "Wirbelscanner". This helps in choosing the correct mattress. Our multi-award-winning ergonomic expertise combined with applied medical technology lets you sleep well. Our team combines instinctual competence, certified sleep counseling and qualified service - for your good sleep.
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