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"Bird" face mask


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'"Bird" face mask'

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This is a self-made makeshift face mask. It is an additional measure that can complement other protective measures (washing hands, observing cough and sneeze etiquette, keeping a distance, staying at home). It has no certification and has not been tested medically or otherwise.

It reduces the risk of other people getting a droplet infection from coughing, sneezing, or speaking. Many people are already unwittingly infected, but have no symptoms (yet). But they are still contagious. If you wear a mask in public and in contact with people from high-risk groups, you are protecting other people - and if they also wear a mask, they also protect you in reverse.

Wash mask before first use (at least 60 ° C) or boil (5 minutes in a closed saucepan).

Always before putting on and before and after removing the mask: wash hands thoroughly.

Pull mask over nose and mouth. Adjust the straps behind the ears so that the mask fits. The mask should fit as close as possible to the face, but not restrict it. It is normal that breathing with a mask is a little harder than without. Shortness of breath should not arise! If in doubt, use a thinner mask or seek medical advice.

When removing, only touch the ligaments, never the area in front of the nose and mouth.

Place the mask in a closed container until cleaning.

Care: After single use (at least once a day) wash at at least 60 ° C or boil in a closed saucepan for 5 minutes or iron with a steam iron. With some fabrics, the pattern or structure can suffer, but hygiene is paramount.

Due to health protection and hygiene, this article is non-returnable!

100% polyester

Best wishes and stay healthy.

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