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Gin box for the ladies

Brand: Naturbursche Kulturgüter GmbH

Seller: Naturbursche Losheim am See

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'Gin box for the ladies'

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Premium Saar Dry Gin Box for sweet girls

The Gin Box for the Ladies is the perfect gift for all women with good taste.

Premium Saar Dry Gin 0.5l

plus 2 Tonics - rose water from the iconic Fentiman's - and Monaco Tonic Pure Lemon!

plus botanical blend with pink pepper, lemon peel, cinnamon blossoms and rose petals

And that's in it:

  • Naturbursche's Saar Dry Gin
  • Selection of suitable botanicals
  • Roses lemonade by Fentimans (Luisas' favorite choice)
  • Tonic Water by Aqua Monaco

About our gin:

Good things will take a while. Sounds trite, but true! Therefore, we let our gin ripen for several months and give the Ingredients plenty of time to gently develop their full taste.

The composition of Tonka bean, Kubebenpfeffer as well as Amalfi lemon, Lavender blossom and juniper is rounded off by the purest spring water.

And that's how it tastes in words:

1. Mild sharpness on the tip of the tongue -> Kubebenpfeffer

2. Light tingling develops -> Amalfi lemon

3. First sweetness is noticeable on the palate -> lavender flowers

4. In the finish unfolds a pleasant, sweet taste -> Tonka bean

Nature boy GIN with 5 core notes:

  1. tonka bean
  2. cubeb

0,5l - 43 vol.%

€ 39.95

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