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Glenmorangie ALLTA, Private Edition N ° 10,

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'Glenmorangie ALLTA, Private Edition N ° 10,'

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Glenmorangie is conquering new realms with this
rich, fruity Limited Edition -
the first single malt Scotch whiskey in the distillery
in the Highlands, which is made from wild yeast,
which grows on its own barley.

Glenmorangie Allta (Scottish Gaelic for "wild")
marks 10 years of pioneering
Private Edition series, which the meaning
the yeast for the variety of flavors
Scottish whiskeys clarified.
Be inspired by one
Tasty hike through the wild
Barley fields near the distillery.

Although not every yeast is suitable for distillation,
proved the kind of Dr. Bill (Saccharomyces diaemath)
as ideal. After careful cultivation, it became fermented
just used that barley,
on which she had grown.
The incredibly fragrant spirit that came
was matured in the finest bourbon barrels.

On the nose:
Rounded, with some biscuit and light, floral notes,
Smell of baked bread is created next to vanilla,
Raisins and tangerines.

On the palate:
Crunchy citrus accompanied by aromas such as
Caramel sweets, creamy vanilla, orange syrup and
a little yeast. Then gentle mint and a hint of sweet chillies.

In the reverberation:
Land and earthy with a hacuh of bitter-sweet
Orange and peppermint.

  • Serve perfectly - enjoy pure, with a little water
    or with two or three ice cubes
  • Serving temperature - room temperature
  • Drinking - Ready to drink
  • Tips for storage - standing at a cool,
    Store in a dark, dry place
  • Alcohol content - 0.512
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